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Pillows for Purpose started when Stitchroom founder Ella Hall, was left with bins and bins of beautiful remnant fabric pieces from the projects that she was sewing for interior designers. When Stitchroom started, the operation was housed in her living room. Her two roommates weren’t thrilled about their home turning into a factory but they put-up with it. While space was limited, there was no room for the extra remnant fabric pieces and the designers didn’t want it. The front closet was over flowing with fabric but the pieces were not large enough to be donated, and the trash was not an option, so she decided to use the fabric to train the new stitchers she had hired. Realizing that many of the practice pillows came out perfectly, she decided to start Pillows for Purpose, a website selling hundreds of designer pillows that allowed her to also give back to the community and establish a Sustainability Practice. With each purchase, a pillow will be donated to a homeless shelter. 

If you have a specific pillow, cushion, or other product in mind, we encourage you to sign up and try out our platform today! 

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